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The 2017 English Club Kicks Off!

The English Club for the 2017 season has kicked off in swimming fashion. Every Wednesday at 4:00 members meet in the English lab to work on dynamic English improving activities. New members Baltazar Canepa, Pedro Moya, and Cristobal Gomez have begun playing a number of didactic English teaching games including the Mackay original game “Gonk’t.”… Read More ›

Great feelings of pride and accomplishment at the 2013 Trinity awards ceremony

It was a long process – and at times, both difficult and tiresome.  But after more than eight months of preparation, all 80 registered 8th grade candidates conquered their quest – passing the 2013 Trinity Integrated Skills in English examinations (ISE 0 & 1).  Fast forward to the present as it was just a few weeks ago that… Read More ›

Magnificent Trinity 2013 Results!

Dear students, teachers, parents and administration: We are happy to announce that all Trinity candidates who took the exam last November and December successfully passed! About two years ago, when Mackay generation 2017 students entered into 7th grade, they started a long and slow process of preparing for the Trinity Integrated Skills in English (ISE)… Read More ›