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Gonzalez and Borja Selected as ESU Writing Finalists

September 12, 2017

Good News! For the first time in two years, students from Mackay have been selected as finalists of the ESU Writing Competition. The final of the competition takes place Thursday the 28th of September in the Museum Recoleta Dominica in Santiago. The prizes for first place in the two categories are the following: The category… Read More ›

The 2017 English Club Kicks Off!

The English Club for the 2017 season has kicked off in swimming fashion. Every Wednesday at 4:00 members meet in the English lab to work on dynamic English improving activities. New members Baltazar Canepa, Pedro Moya, and Cristobal Gomez have begun playing a number of didactic English teaching games including the Mackay original game “Gonk’t.”… Read More ›

Mackay Tributes Harry Potter

On Wednesday August 23rd the English Department with the help of students  put together a tribute to Harry Potter in order to honor the book’s 20th anniversary. The stand of Harry Potter momentos and memorabilia included all kinds of surprises like wizardry wands, butter beer, Gryffindor scarves, and the Trinity-Wizard tournament cup as well as… Read More ›

Mackay 2017 Spelling Bee Results

  On a chilly Thursday morning on the 10th of August,  5th and 6th grade Mackay students participated in the Mackay Spelling Bee. Selected members of the Mackay, Robertson, Somerscales, and Sutherland houses had feverishly studied the words that were included in the list for the competition, and their preparation was notable. The young students… Read More ›

6th Grade Lesson: “How Does Growing Up Change Us?”

The 6th graders were taken outside to discuss an excerpt from the novel they are currently reading “Becoming Naomi León.” Instructor Alfredo Calderón asked students two essential questions in order to explore the central theme of the lesson, “How Does Growing Up Change Us?” Students thoughtfully reflected upon themelves, and demonstrated strong oral communicative abilities… Read More ›

Upcoming 2017 Competitions!

Mackayans will represent us in two important competitions in English It’s a new year and Mackayans are ready to sharpen their skills with another set of external competitions. Fernando Briceño and Mathias Lindhorst of Tercero Medio will take the stage at the ESU Public Speaking competition on Saturday, April 22nd at The Grange School where their… Read More ›

Upcoming External Competitions

        Mackayans will represent us in two important competitions in English           It’s a new year and Mackayans are ready to sharpen their skills with another set of external competitions. Fernando Briceño and Mathias Lindhorst of Tercero Medio will take the stage at the ESU Public Speaking competition on… Read More ›

Who’s That Hero? 7th Grade ‘American Hero’ Project

On Thursday, November 24th, 7th Graders put together a one-of-a-kind exhibition to show off their work about American Heroes. Together with their teachers, Miss Vera Callejas, Miss Veronica Cordero, Miss Maureen Stead, and Miss Gaby Diaz, they invited parents and teachers to enjoy the show. The project was based on the statement of inquiry “Stories about new… Read More ›

The 7th Annual Dinosaur Museum – An Evolving Tradition!

The time has come and gone again for the annual Dinosaur Museum, and this years 6th Graders did a marvellous job in maintaining the tradition! On Friday, November 11th, they transformed the school’s gymnasium, taking the spectators on a journey to the past. With each year that passes, the students become more creative and their… Read More ›

Champions of the 2nd Annual ACPE English Debate

During the weekend of November 4th and 5th, The Mackay School English Debate Team astounded all participating schools at the 2nd Annual ACPE Debate Tournament at St. Dominic School. Across 2 long, gruelling days of debating, our team is proud to say that we are the reigning champions this year! On Friday, November 4th, Vicente… Read More ›

ABS Debate 2016: Issues Facing Chile

A group of motivated 2nd Medio students had the opportunity to participate in the ABS debate encounter last Friday, October 21st, at St. Margaret’s school. Together with students from British schools from Viña del Mar and Santiago, they debated problems that could potentially affect Chilean society in the future. The first motion of the  day… Read More ›

English Interhouse Event: So you think you can sing, design, and act???

Este año, el Departamento de Inglés renovó la competencia intercasas de la semana del colegio y la convirtió en un asombroso evento que consistió en 3 desafíos: diseño, actuación, y canto. Alumnos y profesores fueron asombrados por el espectáculo que se llevó a cabo el jueves 6 de octubre en el gimnasio. El evento comenzó con la competencia de… Read More ›

3rd Annual Spelling Bee at The Mackay School

Este jueves 18 de agosto se llevó a cabo una nueva versión del intercasas “Spelling Bee” organizado por el Departamento de Inglés de nuestro colegio.  Como siempre en este evento participaron alumnos de 5º y 6º básico. Esta competencia entrena a los estudiantes en la comprensión y pronunciación del idioma, además de permitirles mejorar sus… Read More ›

Farewell New Zealand Students!

Aprender sobre nuevas culturas, practicar otro idioma, y conocer a nuevas personas son todas razones por los cuales muchos alumnos eligen estudiar en el extranjero. Este año, The Mackay School ha recibido a los alumnos Sam Wilkinson y Matthew Cross, quienes asisten a Scots College en Wellington, Nueva Zelanda. Sam y Matthew fueron bien integrados… Read More ›

ESU Public Speaking 2016

El día sábado 23 de abril, la English Speaking Union realizó el evento anual de Public Speaking en el colegio The Grange. Más de 50 estudiantes de 30 colegios a lo largo de Chile presentaron sus conocimientos sobre la temática: “La manera más común que las personas renuncian su poder es pensar que no lo… Read More ›

British Week 2016: The Mackay School celebrates its British Heritage!

Esta semana, nos sentimos orgullosos de haber sido partícipes de las significativas y entretenidas actividades que el Departamento de Inglés organizó para el deleite de nuestros profesores y alumnos. Siendo el colegio Británico más antiguo de Chile, sentimos el deber y el orgullo como institución de regocijarnos en nuestra herencia cultural e histórica. Lunes 18… Read More ›

World Scholars Cup 2016

Durante el fin de semana del 12-13 de marzo, 2016, un grupo de seis estudiantes compitieron en Santiago en el World Scholar’s Cup, con el anfitrión Colegio Internacional Nido de Águilas. Este evento se lleva a cabo en docenas de países en todo el mundo donde el Inglés no es el idioma oficial. Las habilidades… Read More ›

2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,100 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 52 trips to carry that many people. Click here to see the… Read More ›

Home is Where the Heart Is

El hogar está donde está el corazón. ¿Debe el hogar ser nuestra patria? ¿Puede el exilio cambiar las raíces de una persona? Estas grandes ideas, entre otras, fueron discutidas por nuestro profesor de Inglés Julio Uribe en el coloquio “La Imaginación Urbana en las Literaturas de Habla Inglesa” el pasado Viernes 27 de Noviembre en la Universidad de… Read More ›

First English Department ICT workshop: A Hands on Experience

Today, the English Department had the pleasure to share the experience working with digital tools in our lessons. The session took place from 9:30 until 1:45. Junior and Senior teachers plus the visit of two teachers from St Margaret’s and two teachers from Craighouse spent time together reflecting on the changes that we are living… Read More ›

The Fantastic 2014 Dinosaur Museum!

As it is tradition, the Arts Department has a joint venture with the English Department. We create, investigate, manipulate and thoroughly enjoy bringing to life creatures from the Jurassic, Triassic o Mesozoic Era. During the Arts classes, 6th Graders created reproductions of distinct dinosaurs, whilst during the English lessons we investigated about the dinosaur in… Read More ›

Mackay Basketball 2014

On Saturday August 30th Mackay School basketball players participated in a small tournament at Colegio Capellan Pascal. They played two hard fought games, but went down to host team Capellan and Liceo Parroquial de San Antonio. Despite having far less experience playing together, the boys were able to come together and accumulate dozens of baskets…. Read More ›

6th graders go to the Buin Zoo

Last Wednesday August 20th the 6th grades went on their second educational trip to the town of Buin in the metropolitan region. The responsible teacher of this trip was Sir Gustavo Sierralta from the Science Department, but some other teachers also participated, such as Ms. Marcela Wilson, Ms. Ana María Ortiz, Ms. Carolina Díaz and… Read More ›

ESU Writing Competition – Internal Evaluation

Originally posted on 4th Medio English – CAE Programme 2014:
Dear students, Our next assessment will be a Writing Task based on the ESU Writing Competition 2014. These are the requirements of the competition, which will apply to our internal evaluation as well. Rules for ESU Writing Competition 2014 F This is the link to the…

6th Grade English Workshops: Learning and having fun!

Becoming proficient in the English Language has been a priority and a pillar of our institution in its long History, and a signature of our students from the very beginning. In pursue of this important academic objective, we have decided to offer a new instance for our students in 6th Grade to improve their oral… Read More ›

Mackay Debate Team takes 4th place in UNAB tournament. Sir Carey named best captain.

The 6th annual UNAB tournament came to a close last weekend in Las Condes with all kinds of thrills and emotions. The Mackay team squared off against Lincoln Academy, and the motion was THB government policies have influenced Mapuche violence.  Mackay students presented an excellent case, providing examples of historical land use policies that have caused anger… Read More ›

Trinity Exam Parent Meeting

This Thursday, June 19th, 2014, the English Department will meet 8th grade parents to present and explain the different parts of the Trinity Integrated Skills Exam, which will take place in the months of November and December. The meeting will be carried out in the school’s auditorium from 8:10 to 8:50.  


18 of June 15 00 The 2014 football world cup started yesterday,17 of june.Next week,We are going to see the second Chilean match,Chile vs Spain.The boys of 1th y 2th grade will see the matches in their classroom.3th,4th y 5th grade will see the first half time of Chile vs Spain match in the auditorium. The… Read More ›

Mackay Debate Team passes into the play-off round at UNAB competition

Several Mackay students from years 9 to 12 made the choice to spend their last three Saturday mornings waking up really early to catch the van to Santiago and compete in the 6th Annual UNAB Interescolares English Debate at the Campus Casona in Las Condes. In their first meeting against Santiago College de Barnechea, the motion… Read More ›

Writer’s Scavenger Hunt, Young Reporters

In journalistic writing,  the use of language plays a key role. The effectiveness of your message will depend on the techniques that you use.  Today, you will be looking for examples of different types of language: Find a story that answers “who, what, where and when” in the first sentence. Find a story that opens… Read More ›