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Ugarte and Gonzalez at the ESU Writing Competition

October 2, 2017

On Thursday, September 28th, Vicente Gonzalez and Borja Ugarte traveled to Santiago to perform in the 2017 ESU Writing Competition. After exploring the beautiful and historic Museum Recoleta, Vicente and Borja  were informed of their prompt: using no more than 800 words, create an original story involving one object and one site within the historic… Read More ›

Gonzalez and Ugarte Selected as ESU Writing Finalists

Good News! For the first time in two years, students from Mackay have been selected as finalists of the ESU Writing Competition. The final of the competition takes place Thursday the 28th of September in the Museum Recoleta Dominica in Santiago. The prizes for first place in the two categories are the following: The category… Read More ›

Mackay Tributes Harry Potter

On Wednesday August 23rd the English Department with the help of students  put together a tribute to Harry Potter in order to honor the book’s 20th anniversary. The stand of Harry Potter momentos and memorabilia included all kinds of surprises like wizardry wands, butter beer, Gryffindor scarves, and the Trinity-Wizard tournament cup as well as… Read More ›

Book Day at Mackay

On April 20th, students at Mackay were treated to a special assembly focused on the value of books and the important role that reading can have on our lives. After students arrived to the gymnasium, Department of English Head Alfredo Calderón spoke to them about how influential Shakespeare has been in shaping our modern language. He then… Read More ›

Creative Writing Competition

On Monday April 11th, Vicente Carmona of 4 Medio represented Mackay at the AB annual writing competition. Vicente put his creative abilities to the test against a fierce field of competition at the Dunalastair school in Santiago. After arriving at the school, Vicente was treated to breakfast while he warmed up by improvising stories with coach… Read More ›

6th Grade Lesson: “How Does Growing Up Change Us?”

The 6th graders were taken outside to discuss an excerpt from the novel they are currently reading “Becoming Naomi León.” Instructor Alfredo Calderón asked students two essential questions in order to explore the central theme of the lesson, “How Does Growing Up Change Us?” Students thoughtfully reflected upon themelves, and demonstrated strong oral communicative abilities… Read More ›

Book Crossing Ceremony in Senior School: A Celebration of Literature!

Este Jueves 3 de Diciembre, alumnos de 6tos, 7mos, 8vos, 1eros, 2dos y 3ros Medios participaron de la ceremonia “Book Crossing”, llevada a cabo en el Auditorio del colegio. Fue una maravillosa oportunidad para celebrar a la literatura y a aquellos libros, autores, personajes, historias y fantásticos mundos a los cuales nos transportan de manera mágica… Read More ›

Home is Where the Heart Is

El hogar está donde está el corazón. ¿Debe el hogar ser nuestra patria? ¿Puede el exilio cambiar las raíces de una persona? Estas grandes ideas, entre otras, fueron discutidas por nuestro profesor de Inglés Julio Uribe en el coloquio “La Imaginación Urbana en las Literaturas de Habla Inglesa” el pasado Viernes 27 de Noviembre en la Universidad de… Read More ›

¿Qué es el Book Crossing?

Fomentar la lectura es una necesidad que no podemos abandonar. La vida escolar está altamente marcada por las lecturas que deben realizar nuestros alumnos, pero no por exigirles más libros hemos logrado mejores lectores. Los mundos posibles que nos entregan los libros traspasan la secuencia de eventos y el conflicto que nos relata el narrador…. Read More ›

Dream Jars: Sueños para BFG

Con gran entusiasmo trabajaron los alumnos de 6to básico el martes recién pasado, en la actividad Dream Jars Activity. Esta actividad estaba basada en la reciente lectura de uno de los libros más famosos del conocido escritor británico Roald Dahl, The BFG (sigla para The Big Friendly Giant), el cual nos cuenta la historia de una… Read More ›

Y los libros más populares son…!

El día de ayer invitamos a toda la comunidad Mackayina a conocer el Programa de Literatura en Inglés para nuestros alumnos de 6to hasta 3ro Medio. Muchos de nuestros padres se acercaron con interés y compartieron con nosotros, además de apreciar algunos de los mejores trabajos de nuestros alumnos, entre ellos ensayos de opinión, interpretaciones literarias… Read More ›

Open Day 2015: Una Oportunidad para Conocer Nuestro Programa

Mañana 13 de mayo se realizará el primer Open Day 2015. Como Departamento de Inglés, hemos preparado una muestra con las creaciones de nuestros alumnos en este primer periodo. En la terraza del 4to piso, instalaremos paneles para mostrar trabajos tales como folletos, ensayos y comics creados en distintos cursos. Además entregaremos información sobre los… Read More ›

8th and 9th graders excel at first ever Scholar´s Cup in Latin America

  With very little notice and virtually no idea of what to expect, teams from several bilingual schools formed their teams and arrived ready and motivated to compete in the the first ever Scholar´s Cup competition in Latin America at the Grange School in Santiago on Thursday November 14th. The Scholar´s Cup is organized and… Read More ›

Mackay will celebrate British Week in style!

The days leading into Easter Long Weekend this year will be filled with all kinds of awesome events and activities here at The Mackay School.  British week is coming!  And the English Department is not holding back one bit!  On Tuesday April 15th, they are going to kick it all off with a really cool opening ceremony… Read More ›

General Knowledge Competition 2013

Mackay´s anniversary week brought with it the renowned General Knowledge Competition last Thursday.  Put on by members of the English Department along with special guest hosts Alex Trebek and Liz Lemon, the event maintained itself as a true demonstration of applying one´s knowledge in academics bilingually. Selected members of Mackay, Robertson, Somerscales and Sutherland houses… Read More ›


BRAVE NEW WORLD´S NEWS It has been discovered that the Director is a father to a mid 20 year-old human… Watch the whole report on BREAKING NEWS special! Exploring Aldous Huxley´Brave New World´s themes in the XXI Century are an instance to realise that these are more current than ever. Advances in medicine, technology, consumerism,… Read More ›

Colegio Cristiano de Quilpué visits the Mackay School

On Tuesday July 23rd a group of 15 high school students from the Colegio Cristiano de Quilpué paid a visit to Mackay in order to find out a little bit about the history, and more specifically, how British immigrants have influenced this school.  According to CCQ´s English teacher Miss Vanessa Fernandez, the main purpose of… Read More ›

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The Catcher in the rye review Just like in the latest lecture our I medios attended last week at UVM regarding their life Project and Identity, the basic questions of Holden, The Catcher in the rye´s main character, are Who am I?, What do I want? What are the things that make me happy?, What… Read More ›

The Sign of Four

This book is quite amusing and introduces Sherlock Holmes in a very good and clear way. Students enjoyed reading it and got very engaged with each of the character’s personalities. English is simple and students did not have problems with vocabulary, nor grammar. The book is a great opportunity to introduce the students to “Victorian… Read More ›

The Secret Garden

The Secret Graden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a delightful book for children. It is about an English little girl called Mary who was living in India. Unfortunately, her parents pass away contaminated by a deadly disease and she is sent back to England to live with her uncle. At first, her uncle seems as… Read More ›

Day of the Languages Brings Back Classic Shakespeare

On Monday April 23rd the Mackay English Department celebrated “Day of the Languages” to commemorate the lives and works of famous literary figures William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes.  In doing so, teachers preformed a short scene from Shakespeare’s classic play Hamlet, which included the characters Hamlet, Queen Gertrude, the late King’s ghost and Ophelia.  Each character… Read More ›

Day of the Languages

The “Day of the Languages” is a commemoration of the Spanish language, first implemented by the “Cervantes Institute” in order to celebrate the life of Miguel de Cervantes and his immense contribution to the Spanish language. The day of celebration is the 23rd of April, also the date of William Shakespeare’s death. Cervantes was born… Read More ›

Fairy Tales Compendium

If we had to define Fairy Tales, Merriam-Webster would give us hints by saying that it as “a story (as for children) involving fantastic forces and beings (as fairies, wizards, and goblins) which usually lead to a happy ending”. Is there anything else about Fairy Tales that allows us to wonder and be attracted by… Read More ›