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Mackay School Takes First Place at UNAB Spelling Bee!

Mackay Finishes in Quarterfinals at UNAB English Debate

After a rather up and down performance the Mackay School Debate Team lost its quarterfinal match against the Grange School in the fifth annual UNAB English Debate tournament on Saturday June 1st.  The motion for the debate was “Police should use paintballs in riots” which was not exactly an easy topic, and Mackay was side… Read More ›

ESU Writing Competition

ATTENTION STUDENTS! If you are interested in participating in the English Speaking Union Writing Competition, please talk to your English teachers!  The contest consists of writing an argumentative essay (500 – 800 words) on one of the listed topics (see attachment).  DUE DATE FOR ESSAYS IS AUGUST 2ND!!  Rules for ESU Writing Competition 2013F PLEASE… Read More ›

UNAB Spelling Bee part 1

Mackay First and Second Medio students Francisco Abusleme, Felipe Parada, Vicente Escobar and Kei Sone participated in Day 1 of the UNAB Interescolares English Spelling Bee held at Hotel O´Higgins in Viña del Mar.  Other schools competing in the event come from all over the Quinta Region.  Each team consists of five students who have… Read More ›

Trinity Exam: Parents Meeting 2013

Today, the English teachers presented the components of the Trinity exams to 8th grade parents. Attached you will find the presentation with details. If you have any doubts contact the corresponding English teacher. Para ver la presentación hacer click en el link: Trinity Integrated Skills

7th Graders Create Model Towns of Reñaca

The task: Create a miniature version of Reñaca Town Center and explain how to find your way around town.  The idea is to give students the opportunity to practice their English in real life situations, and in this case the situation is giving directions. Students were very creative in the materials that they used to… Read More ›

Day of the Languages Brings Back Classic Shakespeare

On Monday April 23rd the Mackay English Department celebrated “Day of the Languages” to commemorate the lives and works of famous literary figures William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes.  In doing so, teachers preformed a short scene from Shakespeare’s classic play Hamlet, which included the characters Hamlet, Queen Gertrude, the late King’s ghost and Ophelia.  Each character… Read More ›

Creative Writing Contest and Naval Ship Tour

Saint Peter’s School took the role of carrying out this year’s ABSCH Writing Competition at Club Español de Recreo.  Apart from the writing competition, there was a lovely lunch, a workshop for teachers and a short afternoon tour of a naval ship in Valparaiso. This year students were asked to write a short story based… Read More ›

Mackay Students Represent at ESU Public Speaking

gandhi and his pacific resistancefinal-1 When Education Is Based In A Wrong Idea Speech They say that in the United States the second greatest fear (second only to death itself) is public speaking.  And on Thursday April 18th at Universidad de Los Andes Mackay III Medio students Sebastián Barriga and Rodrigo Jeria showed their true courage… Read More ›

FCE Challenge: BEATEN!!

III Medio Students Sebastián Barriga, Joaquín Oporto, Thomas Reynolds, Javier Elgueta, and Jorge Hagedorn received today their shiny FCE certificates, which acknowledge their English level world-wide. This certification, by the University of Cambridge, is an upper-intermediate level qualification which proves their ability to use everyday written and spoken English for work and/or study purposes. Big… Read More ›