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Gonzalez and Borja Selected as ESU Writing Finalists

September 12, 2017

Good News! For the first time in two years, students from Mackay have been selected as finalists of the ESU Writing Competition. The final of the competition takes place Thursday the 28th of September in the Museum Recoleta Dominica in Santiago. The prizes for first place in the two categories are the following: The category… Read More ›

The 2017 English Club Kicks Off!

The English Club for the 2017 season has kicked off in swimming fashion. Every Wednesday at 4:00 members meet in the English lab to work on dynamic English improving activities. New members Baltazar Canepa, Pedro Moya, and Cristobal Gomez have begun playing a number of didactic English teaching games including the Mackay original game “Gonk’t.”… Read More ›

Mackay Tributes Harry Potter

On Wednesday August 23rd the English Department with the help of students  put together a tribute to Harry Potter in order to honor the book’s 20th anniversary. The stand of Harry Potter momentos and memorabilia included all kinds of surprises like wizardry wands, butter beer, Gryffindor scarves, and the Trinity-Wizard tournament cup as well as… Read More ›

Mackay 2017 Spelling Bee Results

  On a chilly Thursday morning on the 10th of August,  5th and 6th grade Mackay students participated in the Mackay Spelling Bee. Selected members of the Mackay, Robertson, Somerscales, and Sutherland houses had feverishly studied the words that were included in the list for the competition, and their preparation was notable. The young students… Read More ›

Creative Writing Competition

On Monday April 11th, Vicente Carmona of 4 Medio represented Mackay at the AB annual writing competition. Vicente put his creative abilities to the test against a fierce field of competition at the Dunalastair school in Santiago. After arriving at the school, Vicente was treated to breakfast while he warmed up by improvising stories with coach… Read More ›

Upcoming 2017 Competitions!

Mackayans will represent us in two important competitions in English It’s a new year and Mackayans are ready to sharpen their skills with another set of external competitions. Fernando Briceño and Mathias Lindhorst of Tercero Medio will take the stage at the ESU Public Speaking competition on Saturday, April 22nd at The Grange School where their… Read More ›

ABS Debate 2016: Issues Facing Chile

A group of motivated 2nd Medio students had the opportunity to participate in the ABS debate encounter last Friday, October 21st, at St. Margaret’s school. Together with students from British schools from Viña del Mar and Santiago, they debated problems that could potentially affect Chilean society in the future. The first motion of the  day… Read More ›

ESU Public Speaking 2016

El día sábado 23 de abril, la English Speaking Union realizó el evento anual de Public Speaking en el colegio The Grange. Más de 50 estudiantes de 30 colegios a lo largo de Chile presentaron sus conocimientos sobre la temática: “La manera más común que las personas renuncian su poder es pensar que no lo… Read More ›

World Scholars Cup 2016

Durante el fin de semana del 12-13 de marzo, 2016, un grupo de seis estudiantes compitieron en Santiago en el World Scholar’s Cup, con el anfitrión Colegio Internacional Nido de Águilas. Este evento se lleva a cabo en docenas de países en todo el mundo donde el Inglés no es el idioma oficial. Las habilidades… Read More ›

¿Qué te inspira? English Speaking Union Writing Competition

¿Qué tienen en común miles de libros antiguos, una habitación típica de un predicador dentro de un monasterio, una colección de tazas de té, y un hermoso jardín? Esos fueron los exposiciones que los estudiantes Carlos Oyarce y Vicente Carmona de segundo medio pudieron utilizar como inspiración en el concurso nacional de escritura del English… Read More ›

¡Un gran orgullo! Dos de nuestros alumnos clasifican para la Final Nacional en Inglés ESU Writing Competition

Esta semana, recibimos la grandiosa noticia desde la English Speaking Union, que no uno, sino dos de nuestros alumnos de 2do Medio, han sido seleccionados como finalistas de la Competencia Nacional en Inglés Writing Competition. Nuestros alumnos Vicente Carmona Montedónico y Carlos Oyarce Mejías, ambos de 2do Medio C, se atrevieron a participar de esta… Read More ›

Charla para Apoderados IV Medio: Cambridge English First and Advanced

Durante la mañana del Martes 1 de Septiembre se realizó en el Laboratorio Multimedia de Inglés de nuestro colegio, una informativa charla para apoderados de alumnos de IV Medio sobre los Exámenes Internacionales de Inglés de la Universidad de Cambridge First (FCE) y Advanced (CAE). Este encuentro fue gestionado por el Departamento de Inglés de… Read More ›

Interhouse Spelling Bee Competition 2015

Mackay se queda con la victoria en Intercasas “English Spelling Bee Competition!       El jueves 27 de agosto desde las 09:00 horas en el gimnasio se llevó a cabo el Segundo Interhouses en Inglés Spelling Bee, donde concursaron por sus casas los 5º y 6º Básicos, haciendo gala de sus habilidades lingüísticas y gramaticales en Inglés. En esta… Read More ›

8th and 9th graders excel at first ever Scholar´s Cup in Latin America

  With very little notice and virtually no idea of what to expect, teams from several bilingual schools formed their teams and arrived ready and motivated to compete in the the first ever Scholar´s Cup competition in Latin America at the Grange School in Santiago on Thursday November 14th. The Scholar´s Cup is organized and… Read More ›

Somerscales House wins Mackay’s first Interhouse Spelling Bee Contest

Last Thursday, August 14, we held our first Interhouse Spelling Bee Contest in the School Gymnasium. 5th and 6th graders represented the houses of Sutherland, Robertson, Sommerscales, and Mackay in a gripping contest that had us all on the edge of our seats from beginning to end! Students had just 60 seconds to correctly spell the… Read More ›

6th Grade English Workshops: Learning and having fun!

Becoming proficient in the English Language has been a priority and a pillar of our institution in its long History, and a signature of our students from the very beginning. In pursue of this important academic objective, we have decided to offer a new instance for our students in 6th Grade to improve their oral… Read More ›

Mackay students strong showing at regional Spelling Bee

Despite some problems relating to participant attendance, it came down to just two Mackay boys, Juan Cristobal Manriquez and Jungi Park, to complete the third and final day of Spelling competition and snatch a cool 4th place finish in the 3rd Annual Universidad Andrés Bello Interescolares Spelling Bee.  The event took place over three consecutive Friday afternoons… Read More ›

Mackay will celebrate British Week in style!

The days leading into Easter Long Weekend this year will be filled with all kinds of awesome events and activities here at The Mackay School.  British week is coming!  And the English Department is not holding back one bit!  On Tuesday April 15th, they are going to kick it all off with a really cool opening ceremony… Read More ›

Magnificent Trinity 2013 Results!

Dear students, teachers, parents and administration: We are happy to announce that all Trinity candidates who took the exam last November and December successfully passed! About two years ago, when Mackay generation 2017 students entered into 7th grade, they started a long and slow process of preparing for the Trinity Integrated Skills in English (ISE)… Read More ›

Mackay 8th Grade Basketball

Congratulations to all who participated in the Basketball Tournament at Capellan Pascal!  The boys have been practicing all year and finally had the chance to put their skills to the test.  They played two games – the first game was a hard fought loss to the home team Capellan (Mackay actually outscored them in the… Read More ›

General Knowledge Competition 2013

Mackay´s anniversary week brought with it the renowned General Knowledge Competition last Thursday.  Put on by members of the English Department along with special guest hosts Alex Trebek and Liz Lemon, the event maintained itself as a true demonstration of applying one´s knowledge in academics bilingually. Selected members of Mackay, Robertson, Somerscales and Sutherland houses… Read More ›

Exceptional IB results 2013!

This year, our students faced a new English B exam. A very meticulous preparation started last year; likewise, teachers were trained in the new syllabus and more practice on the format was included in the planning. For the first time in English B, all the students had to study works of literature and produce written… Read More ›

Colegio Cristiano de Quilpué visits the Mackay School

On Tuesday July 23rd a group of 15 high school students from the Colegio Cristiano de Quilpué paid a visit to Mackay in order to find out a little bit about the history, and more specifically, how British immigrants have influenced this school.  According to CCQ´s English teacher Miss Vanessa Fernandez, the main purpose of… Read More ›

Punctuation Practice

Punctuation Practice. via Punctuation Practice.

Mackay School Takes First Place at UNAB Spelling Bee!

Mackay Finishes in Quarterfinals at UNAB English Debate

After a rather up and down performance the Mackay School Debate Team lost its quarterfinal match against the Grange School in the fifth annual UNAB English Debate tournament on Saturday June 1st.  The motion for the debate was “Police should use paintballs in riots” which was not exactly an easy topic, and Mackay was side… Read More ›

ESU Writing Competition

ATTENTION STUDENTS! If you are interested in participating in the English Speaking Union Writing Competition, please talk to your English teachers!  The contest consists of writing an argumentative essay (500 – 800 words) on one of the listed topics (see attachment).  DUE DATE FOR ESSAYS IS AUGUST 2ND!!  Rules for ESU Writing Competition 2013F PLEASE… Read More ›

UNAB Spelling Bee part 1

Mackay First and Second Medio students Francisco Abusleme, Felipe Parada, Vicente Escobar and Kei Sone participated in Day 1 of the UNAB Interescolares English Spelling Bee held at Hotel O´Higgins in Viña del Mar.  Other schools competing in the event come from all over the Quinta Region.  Each team consists of five students who have… Read More ›

Trinity Exam: Parents Meeting 2013

Today, the English teachers presented the components of the Trinity exams to 8th grade parents. Attached you will find the presentation with details. If you have any doubts contact the corresponding English teacher. Para ver la presentación hacer click en el link: Trinity Integrated Skills

7th Graders Create Model Towns of Reñaca

The task: Create a miniature version of Reñaca Town Center and explain how to find your way around town.  The idea is to give students the opportunity to practice their English in real life situations, and in this case the situation is giving directions. Students were very creative in the materials that they used to… Read More ›