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So You Think You Can Sing, Design and Act??

October 17, 2017

A Link to the Official, “So You Think You Can Sign, Design and Act??” 2017 Edition Video On Thursday, October 5th, The Mackay School along with St. Margaret’s school held the third annual “So You Think You Can Sing, Design, and Act??” competition. Students from both schools were allowed to participate in any of the… Read More ›

2017 Interhouse Event: So You Think You Can Sing, Design, and Act??

La competencia “So You Think You Can Sing, Design and Act?” 2017 decidirá si la casa Robertson, Sutherland, Somerscales o Mackay se coronará como la gran ganadora de la Semana de Aniversario de The Mackay School. Este Viernes 29, nuestros alumnos acompañados de alumnas del colegio St Margaret’s comenzarán a preparar sus actos. Este año tendrán tres opciones para… Read More ›

English Interhouse Event: So you think you can sing, design, and act???

Este año, el Departamento de Inglés renovó la competencia intercasas de la semana del colegio y la convirtió en un asombroso evento que consistió en 3 desafíos: diseño, actuación, y canto. Alumnos y profesores fueron asombrados por el espectáculo que se llevó a cabo el jueves 6 de octubre en el gimnasio. El evento comenzó con la competencia de… Read More ›

2014 Drama Event at Santiago College

Last Friday 8th of August, six students from Mackay attended the annual ABSCH Senior Drama Event 2014, held at Santiago College in Lo Barnechea. The group of students, selected by their acting skills, was formed by Vicente González (7°A), Alejandro Larraín (7°C), Mathias Lindhorst (8°C), Juan Cristóbal Manríquez (IMC), Martín Ljubetic (IIMA) and Agustín Bianchetti (IIMA)…. Read More ›

Mackay will celebrate British Week in style!

The days leading into Easter Long Weekend this year will be filled with all kinds of awesome events and activities here at The Mackay School.  British week is coming!  And the English Department is not holding back one bit!  On Tuesday April 15th, they are going to kick it all off with a really cool opening ceremony… Read More ›

The Phantom at Mackay!

On Wednesday, September 4, we were witnesses to one of the most attractive performances to take place at The Mackay School. A foggy stage, amazing special effects, fancy period costumes and a beautiful live music arrangement orchestrated by 3M students Francisco Sobarzo and Fernando Mohor, gave life to one of the most beloved and well-known… Read More ›

English Drama Club’s KING ARTHUR: Official Cast

KING ARTHUR Official Cast Young Arthur: PENDING (Arturo Salazar / Alejandro Larraín) Young Kay: PENDING (Max Sáenz / Vicente González) Extra Knight 1: Carlos Oyarce Extra Knight 2: Nicolás Valencia Extra-Knight 3: PENDING Old Arthur: Felipe Fuentes Old Kay: Max Gallardo Lady Guinevere:  TO BE CONFIRMED (STM’s) Lady Morgan: TO BE CONFIRMED (STM’s) Sir Lancelot:… Read More ›

Our next production, the well-known English legend, “King Arthur”

After the resounding success of our latest production, “The Lord of the Rings”, we have decided that the only thing to do is to keep pushing forward with more challenging and exciting productions. So, it is with great pleasure that we can announce to you that our next production will be our own  take of… Read More ›

Day of the Languages Brings Back Classic Shakespeare

On Monday April 23rd the Mackay English Department celebrated “Day of the Languages” to commemorate the lives and works of famous literary figures William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes.  In doing so, teachers preformed a short scene from Shakespeare’s classic play Hamlet, which included the characters Hamlet, Queen Gertrude, the late King’s ghost and Ophelia.  Each character… Read More ›

Drama Club: A LOTR Digest!

Our Cast is finally ready!! After a series of nerve-wracking auditions, we decided which students will make Frodo, Sam, and the rest of magical characters from the J. R. R. Tolkien’s masterpiece, come to life! This Friday, it will be the first time for the full definite Cast to gather and receive their scripts. How… Read More ›

One Day in a Victorian Classroom!

Today, 7th grade teachers were delighted to see their students’ wonderful drama performances in the classroom! After studying about Victorian Times, a very important period in British History named after Queen Victoria (who was Britain’s Queen from 1837 until 1901), 7th graders were invited to engage in the creative process of writing a theatre script, based… Read More ›

Drama Club: New Members 2013!

Last Friday, we were very surprised at the sight of so many new members, from both Mackay and St Margaret’s, who were interested in participating in this year’s Drama Club. Nearly 30 students from both schools gathered in the Auditorium! Students were very excited while they prepared to auditon for the different roles of this… Read More ›

Drama Club 2013!

Welcome to a new year of excitement in the theatrical arts! The Mackay School Drama Club has been created to enhance students’ abilities   when on stage, enabling them to perform in front of the most varied audiences. This year, students from Years 5, 6, 7, 8 and 12 have joined our Club and we… Read More ›