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Valpo Trip 2017

On May 10th Students of Eighth Básico went on a trip to Valparaíso. The students on the bus were buzzing with excitement for their opportunity to spend a day together exploring Valparaiso while learning more about the rich history of the Mackay school.

Off the Bus

The first stop of the trip was the cementary near the ex-prison in Valparaiso in the site of Peter Mackay, George Sutherland, and George Robertson’s graves. Here students learned about how Mackay arrived to Chile as a mathematician and Scottish Immigrant and how he became the first headmaster of the Mackay school in 1857. Students also learned about how Mackay recruited George Sutherland to work with him as an assistant five years after starting the school. Students respectfully observed the graves before setting off for their next destination which was the Anglican Church which was the first Mackay school in 1857.

Cementary Edited

Mackay's graveAfter visiting the Anglican Church that was the first location of the Mackay school, students went to the Cultural Balmaceda Arte Joven Center, which was originally where the Mackay school moved to back in 1877. While there the students learned about all the free cultural activities that are provided at the Center as well as information about the upcoming expositions.

IMG-20170510-WA0004To cap off the day, students were treated to chorillanas en Valparaiso’s famous Mastodante restaurant. After sharing the massive chorillanas, students returned to the Mackay school slightly sleepy but in very good spirits.

On the Bus



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