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Teaching Grammar in a Communicative Approach

ICT VIctoria 3

The main points of this conference are

  • Grammar should be incidental; however, some focus on form is necessary.
  • Not everyone learn in the same way. We need to identify the learning styles to plan activities that provide confidence.
  • Learners need to respect each other styles.
  • People want to learn grammar because they want accuracy and something concrete and objective that helps them to “grasp” language, knowing what is right or wrong. Grammar allows them to apply patterns.

What is the problem with traditional grammar teaching? This is one of the questions addressed in this conference.

  • It is confusing and boring, same people say.
  • Not enough scaffolding (step by step).
  • The students seem to know a specific structure but then they are unable to apply it in an open task. We need to bridge the gap.
  • It is necessary to use online grammar practice and go beyond the classroom.

Some examples of activities that will not involve a lot of work for teachers

  • Have students summarize. Weaker ones  can provide a new title.
  • What do you remember? Based on a written text. All students socialize what they remember.
  • Dictogloss.
  • Google the topic.
  • Vocabulary and grammar together.
  • Using realia, e.g. a digital camera, something they like eating. etc.
  • Focus practice online. One of the problems is feedback.
  • Open-ended tasks, involving speaking and writing should be the fulminatory tasks.
  • Problem-solving activities.
  • Games, trivia.
  • Study a picture.

The final task: WRITING

  • Suggestion: make a copy of the uncorrected paper, provide the comments and then give them the original text to correct the mistake in their final test.

What are your thoughts about grammar? Share them with us!

Posted by Carla Chávez Saavedra

Academic Coordinator Senior

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