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8th and 9th graders excel at first ever Scholar´s Cup in Latin America



With very little notice and virtually no idea of what to expect, teams from several bilingual schools formed their teams and arrived ready and motivated to compete in the the first ever Scholar´s Cup competition in Latin America at the Grange School in Santiago on Thursday November 14th.

The Scholar´s Cup is organized and carried out in schools all over the world by a small group of highly energetic young men from the United States.  Scholar´s Cup Santiago Round became a reality thanks to the huge help and tremendous efforts of the Grange School English teacher Sir Andrew Wood who contacted the group, arranged for the event and invited the competing schools.   The event consists of several parts, combining knowledge across multiple disciplines of art, science, literature, philosophy, history, psychology, logical reasoning tasks, writing skills, team and individual challenges and debate – these challenges are entirely in English.  And to top it all off, there is the ever presence of the Scholar´s Cup mascot: the alpaca.

IMG_8889 IMG_8907  IMG_8906 IMG_8904

Mackay 8th and 9th grade students headed off to Santiago at 6:30 AM and were accompanied by teacher Sir Sam Carey and driver Mr. Martinez.  The event was exhausting as it lasted the entire day – students did not get home until almost midnight!  Nevertheless, everybody had a fantastic time as it was very fun, energetic, positive and gave the students a chance to put their English and general knowledge skills to the test.

At times, the logistics of the event seemed rather chaotic with certain time constraints and obstacles that may not have been taken into account, however positive energy reigns supreme.  And through a little patience and quick decision making, everything worked our fine in the end, and both students and teachers got to witness the incredible results of good will.

And best of all, Mackay students had a great showing in many parts of the competition, and gained enough points to qualify for International Competition in Kuala Lumpar 2015 (more information on that will be coming soon)!  Some of Mackay students´ top placings are as follows:

Group Performances:

– 1st Place Debate, 8th Grade (Lucas Goicoechea, Fernando Briceño, Claudio Castro)

– 6th Place Overall, 8th Grade (Lucas Goicoechea, Fernando Briceño, Claudio Castro)

– 7th Place Overall, 9th Grade (Diego Guerra, Vicente Carmona, Kaleb Daniels)

– Honorable mention: Team writing, 9th grade (Diego Guerra, Vicente Carmona, Kaleb Daniels)

Individual Performances:

Fernando Briceño

– 3rd place, Debate 8th grade: Best overall speaker

– Honorable mention: Social Studies

– Honorable mention: Writing

– School top scorer 8th grade

Claudio Castro

– 2nd place, Debate 8th grade: Best overall speaker

– Individual challenge: 6th place

– Honorable mention: Various disciplines

– Special subject top scorer

Diego Guerra

– Individual challenge top scorer

– Honorable mention: Various disciplines

– School top scorer 9th grade

Kaleb Daniels

– 2nd place, Writing 9th grade

Lucas Goicoechea

– Honorable mention: Writing

IMG_8908 IMG_8915 IMG_8920 IMG_8927 IMG_8929 IMG_8932 IMG_8951 IMG_8936 IMG_8938


IMG_8899 IMG_8897   IMG_8900 IMG_8898



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