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6th graders go to the Buin Zoo


Last Wednesday August 20th the 6th grades went on their second educational trip to the town of Buin in the metropolitan region. The responsible teacher of this trip was Sir Gustavo Sierralta from the Science Department, but some other teachers also participated, such as Ms. Marcela Wilson, Ms. Ana María Ortiz, Ms. Carolina Díaz and Ms. Verónica Cordero from the English Department.

When we arrived in Buin, we were welcomed by the Buin Zoo staff and divided into four different groups. For more than two hours, these different groups were visiting different parts of the zoo and thanks to the help of the zookeeper we learnt a lot of things about animals and their care. Some of the places we visited were the aviary, the reptile house, the aquarium, the insect house and the night animals. The most popular was the orangutan named Sanda; students took a lot of photos of it and got their hands and faces stamped with its name.

After this guided visit through the zoo, we got together at the Buin Marino. For over an hour, we learnt more about the differences between sea lions and seals and also between Humboldt penguins and the ones from Magallanes.

Of course, after wandering around the zoo it was time to boost our energies. We found the picnic around and sat down to comment on the lovely morning we had had. After this, students were give some free time to go on their own to find more information about the animals and fill it in their Sciences and English handouts.

At around 3:30 pm we got together to start our ways back home, but before we stopped at the gift shop to buy some nice souvenirs from this entertaining and educational visit.

Check some pics, here

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