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6th Grade English Workshops: Learning and having fun!


Becoming proficient in the English Language has been a priority and a pillar of our institution in its long History, and a signature of our students from the very beginning. In pursue of this important academic objective, we have decided to offer a new instance for our students in 6th Grade to improve their oral and written skills in a fun way! Our English Workshops, after school hours, have been a great success among our 6th graders who have chosen to make an extra effort to keep learning more English and have a blast by doing it! Ms Carla Chávez, Head of English, has been in charge of working with students in “Young Reporters”. Pupils attending this workshop have the possibility to improve their written and ICT skills by becoming journalists and writing newspaper articles on various school and community events. Mr Samuel Carey and Mr Alfredo Calderón have been in charge of “Conversational English”. Students attending this workshop have the possibility to improve their oral skills by practising pronunciation, interacting through dialogues and presenting information in front of an audience. Mr Alfredo Calderón is also in charge of “Drama for Kids”. Pupils who attend this workshop have engaged in multiple fun games that promote teamwork, improvisation, memory skills, and have also been exposed to the wonders of the Theatrical Arts by learning about the stage, costumes and music.

We hope our Workshops will continue helping our students get motivated to keep learning English and enjoy the process!

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