A showcase of The Mackay School students' talents

Mackay students strong showing at regional Spelling Bee


Despite some problems relating to participant attendance, it came down to just two Mackay boys, Juan Cristobal Manriquez and Jungi Park, to complete the third and final day of Spelling competition and snatch a cool 4th place finish in the 3rd Annual Universidad Andrés Bello Interescolares Spelling Bee.  The event took place over three consecutive Friday afternoons in May, and participating schools came from all over the Fifth Region.

Mackay participants made some errors in judgement on Day 1, which set them back a fair ways in points, however they were able to make up for it with flawless, accurate spelling of each and every word in both Day 2 and Day 3.  Unfortunately, that would not be enough to take the win as other schools in the region had managed to put together a much more consistent performance.  A mediocre performance on Day 1 combined with being one participant short on Day 3 caused Mackay to settle for a hard fought 4th place finish.

The students who participated worked hard for the result, and on the final day they even had to go into an extra elimination round for a 3rd place tie breaker where they came up short.  Colegio Aconcagua de Quilpue was flawless throughout the three days and took first place for this year.




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