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Writer’s Scavenger Hunt, Young Reporters

In journalistic writing,  the use of language plays a key role. The effectiveness of your message will depend on the techniques that you use.  Today, you will be looking for examples of different types of language:

  1. Find a story that answers “who, what, where and when” in the first sentence.
  2. Find a story that opens with a statistic—a number, such as a price, quantity, percentage, etc.
  3.  Find a sentence that describes a person’s appearance.
  4. Find a direct quotation.
  5. Find five vivid, powerful verbs.
  6. Find a headline that uses a play on words—a word or expression that can have more than one meaning.
  7. Find a story that tells the reader how to do something.
  8. Find a piece of writing that represents a writer’s point of view on a current issue.
  9. Find three different words that indicate something is highly desirable.
  10. Find a comic strip character who uses an idiomatic or slang expression.

Use the internet to find these examples. Post the links of your sources next to each number.


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  1. http://www.timeforkids.com/news/dogs-helping-dogs/162596
    An example of “who, what, where and when”

  2. Our first article will about the 8th graders Rugby Tour to Buenos Aires. These are our roles
    Interview to a student: Santiago and Renato
    Interview to a teacher: Martin and Raimundo
    Photographs: Bastian and Patricio.

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