A showcase of The Mackay School students' talents



Last week, our year 12 students took their IB English B and A Language and Literature exams, which marked the end of a two-year stage through which they were able to show an independent protagonism over their own learning process. Inquirers, thinkers and open-minded, among very many other features as students and as men, they have been able to experience within their own critical vision that life is a challenge and that they should foster every opportunity, excel at it and get its best.

English as an active and effective tool enables our students to reach different goals and it also gives a wide range of choices from which to choose at the time of deciding their future. Due to this essential fact is that the school offers to prepare them to take the Cambridge International examinations FCE and CAE by the end of the year. This next step is another option to enhance English as a tool to further their English language learning process and certification.

Cambridge University is one of the most prestigious institutions of undergraduate and post-graduate studies, being a pioneer in the area of education and linguistics research. These high standards worldwide known, have positioned this university as a leader in the designing and testing of exams for speakers of other languages (ESOL), enabling the holder of such to certify his or her advanced level of English.


This is a new challenge that we are positive our year 12 students will successfully conquer!


English Department 2014

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