A showcase of The Mackay School students' talents

Great feelings of pride and accomplishment at the 2013 Trinity awards ceremony

It was a long process – and at times, both difficult and tiresome.  But after more than eight months of preparation, all 80 registered 8th grade candidates conquered their quest – passing the 2013 Trinity Integrated Skills in English examinations (ISE 0 & 1).  Fast forward to the present as it was just a few weeks ago that the English department received the official Trinity ISE certificates.  And so a ceremony was to be held in order to present 1st medio students with their 2013 Trinity certificates.  The ceremony took place in the auditorium on the morning of May 9th.  All 1st medio and 8th grade students attended – 8th graders watched because they are the ones who are next in line to summit this massive mountain of a task that all Mackay students face en route to completing IB.

The ceremony commenced with a short speech by English teacher Alfredo Calderon, then presenting certificates to the 14 students who achieved the highest grade possible in one or both parts of the exam, which is passing with ¨Distinction.¨  Those certificates were presented by Carla Chávez and Sam Carey.  After that, Mr. Calderon closed the short ceremony by giving recognition to students who passed with ¨Merit,¨ and finally reiterating the importance of the endless practice and learning of languages.  After the ceremony, form teachers distributed certificates to the remaining students in their form classes, and a photo was taken of the entire Trinity 2013 alumni.

Congratulations to the following students for earning a pass with distinction:

–       Agustin Abusleme

–       Benjamin Caceres

–       Ignacio Caceres

–       Felipe Campusano

–       Joaquin Galvez

–       Julian Gatta

–       Francisco Goffard

–       Vicente Gonzalez

–       Lucas Leiva

–       Carlos Oyarce

–       Juan Cristobal Manriquez

–       Sebastian Reitze

–       Franco Schiaffino

–       Carlos Valle


Congratulations to the following students for earning a pass with merit:

IA-       Matias Cubillos-       Maximiliano Duk-       Nicola Gandolini-       Roberto Isla-       Tomas Kuhlman

–       Diego Morales

–       Mauricio Navarro

–       Tomas Nuñez

–       Joaquin Nuñez

–       Vicente Payet

–       Ari Perrot

–       Kyoshi Shinya

–       Martin Townsend

–       Augusto Villanueva



IB-       Martin Achondo-       Enzo Bloise-       Victor Capetillo-       Tomas Collado-       Sebastian Covarrubias

–       Benjamin Del Villar

–       Jose Vicente Diaz

–       Patricio Garcia

–       Simon Hernandez

–       Ignacio Herrera

–       Felipe Mujica

–       Franco Nervi

–       Nicolas Puelma

–       Matias Valenzuela

–       Wei Zhi Xue Fang

–       Martin Zuleta


IC-       Sebastian Breguel-       Vicente Carmona-       Christian Eilers-       Orlando Eltit-       Hugo Fuchslocher

–       Felipe Fuentes

–       Maximiliano Gallardo

–       Vincenzo Gandolini

–       Sebastian Irusta

–       Elian Kunze

–       Jose Tomas Lecourant

–       Ricardo Maculet

–       Gaspar Martinez

–       Diego Pertuze

–       Carlo Schiappacasse

–       Jose Tomas Sepulveda

–       Emiliano Trespalacios

–       Gonzalo Vidal


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