A showcase of The Mackay School students' talents

Mackay students making their presence known at 2014 ESU Public Speaking


Mackay Fourth medio student Joaquin Oporto and Third medio student David Flint left an impression on the audience in this year´s English Speaking Union Chile Public Speaking Competition.  This year´s theme was taken directly from Albert Einstein´s famous quote Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Oporto´s speech about divergent thinking as a true testament or measure of human knowledge showed that through divergent thinking, or creating new ideas based on what we already know, people are able to take advantage of their creativity to expand existing knowledge, to create and to invent, which has led to many of the most famous breakthroughs of modern times.

Flints speech about imagination allowing for real results was very entertaining and had the audience laughing at his light-hearted approach to the topic.  At one point, he even pulled out his pilot´s licence to demonstrate how his imagination of becoming a pilot, which started as a young child playing with airplanes, later transformed into him getting his pilot´s licence.

Unfortunately the impression the guys left was not enough to allow them to push on to the next round of competition as all the speakers in the preliminary round had clearly taken a lot of time to prepare and practice their speeches.  ESU representatives mentioned later that this year´s contestants were exceptionally good, likely the best they had seen, therefore judges´ decisions were incredibly difficult.

The Mackay School English Department would like to congratulate Joaquin Oporto, David Flint and all the competitors from all the different schools who came out and took part in the event.

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