A showcase of The Mackay School students' talents

British Week 2014

Our British Week started with the visit of Padro Palacios a well known piper of the region. In his presentation, Mr. Palacios explained the origins of the bagpipe  and its relevance during war time, many centuries ago. Bagpipes are wind instruments which require lots of practice and dedication to be able to perform tunes correctly. A selected audience from Senior School had the opportunity to listen to some of the most popular melodies and also to ask some questions to the musician. After this appealing and different interaction with music from Scotland, it was the time for the Third Public Speaking Competition at The Mackay School. This year the tournament gave points to each of the school houses, so the following students were representing the corresponding clan:

Rodrigo Manzano: Somerscales

Ari Perrot: Robertson

Jeremy Ryan: Sutherland

Ignacio Cáceres: Mackay

The theme this year was “The Head or the Heart”. Ignacio Cáceres was the winner this year giving 50 points to Mackay House, Congratulations!

In the afternoon, a group of 7th graders presented the play “The Brave Tin Soldier” to Junior students from 1st to 3rd grade. This is the cast of actors:

Tin Soldier: Alejandro Larraín

Jester: Luis Sottovia

Boy: Vicente Gonzalez

Father: Sebastian Achondo

Ricky: Cristobal Buzeta

Rocky: Mr. Volker

Play Director: Mr. Alfredo Calderón

The audience enjoyed an easy to follow show with spontaneous reactions and a big round of applause at the end. We want to emphasize the commitment of the actors to memorize their lines, follow stage directions, bring the necessary props and put all their energy and positive attitude to make this project work!

On Wednesday, there was a Book Fair outside the library to motivate the students to read for pleasure and to see and touch beautiful readers and books. During break time, we brought back a special British tradition which is the “Enchanted Worms”. This tradition consists in making the worms “dance” without using any musical instruments. Some students took this chance and won and exquisite British Muffin!

Finally, on Thursday, The English Department band “The Mockingbirds” presented their unplugged version of the song Wonderwall from the British Band Oasis, during break time. Students and teachers had a good time listening to our English teachers singing and playing instruments. The members of “The Mockingbirds” are:

Vocals: Miss Carolina Pizarro and Miss Verónica Cordero

Bongo: Mr. Julio Uribe

Guitars: Mr. Christian Vergara and Mr. Samuel Carey

After the first break, 7th graders and 4th medio House Captains participated in the 2014 version of another British Tradition  the “Cheese Race”. The students were organized by house in groups of 10. They had to go through different stages until they got to the final competition, the “Cheese Rolling”. The competitions had to run after  a rolling cheese down a mini hill that we have between field 1 and field 2. Some of the students took it very seriously and lots of energy were displayed in order to get the cheese!


Here is a video with some snapshots of this great days!! Thank you to all the teachers and students who worked very hard to make this possible

Carla Chávez S.

Head of English


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