A showcase of The Mackay School students' talents

Mackay will celebrate British Week in style!


The days leading into Easter Long Weekend this year will be filled with all kinds of awesome events and activities here at The Mackay School.  British week is coming!  And the English Department is not holding back one bit!  On Tuesday April 15th, they are going to kick it all off with a really cool opening ceremony where rumor has it, there is going to be dancing, speeches by British Society members and even a live band!

The opening ceremony will be followed by the world renowned Mackay School Interhouse Public Speaking Competition.  This year´s topic is The Heart or the Head, and will be featuring the absolute best of the best of our school´s English speakers and presenters.  Interhouse cup points will be awarded.  This event is definitely NOT TO BE MISSED!!

Later that same day, 7th Grade students will present their own rendition of Hans Christian Anderson´s The Brave Tin Soldier.  These kids take their acting seriously, so expect nothing but the best top notch performance from this group!

Wednesday morning will bring a select group of Mackay ¨All rounder¨ 8th graders on a tour of Valparaiso to retrace the origins of the school.  They will go by foot exploring the historical Cerro Alegre, where Peter Mackay and a group of hearty Scottsman built a dynasty of quality education in the port region of Valparaiso.  This trip will be accompanied by members of the English Department as well as a group of super keen exchange students from Scot´s College of Wellington, New Zealand.

Wednesday afternoon the E.D. members are set to host a Literary Fair with all kinds of fun stuff like creative writing, mask making and building an Arthurian Castle!  This is going to be a truly superb event!  And so only the best behaved and truly deserving students will be considered to take part in it.

It´s going to be no holds bar on the final day of British Week, as in go big and then go home!  We are talking sports and fierce competition!  Events scheduled are indeed inherently British and are as follows: Cheese racing, worm charming and Cricket or Capture the Flag (pending).  It will surely be an absolutely excellent start to a fun-filled Easter Long Weekend!

British Week is going to be a blast!  The English Department hopes that students will really make the most of it by participating in the activities, enjoying themselves and thereby celebrating our school´s long standing British heritage.




British Week poster

Public Speaking Competition 2014

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