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Magnificent Trinity 2013 Results!


Dear students, teachers, parents and administration:

We are happy to announce that all Trinity candidates who took the exam last November and December successfully passed!

About two years ago, when Mackay generation 2017 students entered into 7th grade, they started a long and slow process of preparing for the Trinity Integrated Skills in English (ISE) Examinations.  They were put into two categories, ISE-0 and ISE-1.  Throughout 7th and 8th grade, students did countless grammar exercises, listening and reading comprehension tests, writing tasks and oral presentations, giving them the necessary skills in English to tackle the Trinity ISE exams.

The Trinity ISE-0 and ISE-1 exams are composed of three parts.  In the final months of the 2013 school year, students had to put together a portfolio of three pieces of their best written work of the year.  In November, students sat for the Controlled Written Exam where they had to write two tasks, which for example were in the form of letters, articles, emails, reports or journal entries.  And finally in December, every student had an eight minute interview with a native English speaker from the UK.  In the first half of the interview, students had to give a short presentation on topic in which they had prepared.

And so clearly passing Trinity ISE exams is not a simple task.  It is an accomplishment that requires years of preparation, hard work and dedication by both students and teachers.  So hats off to everybody who contributed to last years´ success!  Congratulations Mackay generation 2017 on passing Trinity and all the best in preparing for IB!


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