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Mackay Debate Team 2014 – Let´s Go!

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Dear Students,

The English Department would like to invite anyone who is interested in debate and who has a good level of English to come on out and participate with the debate team this year!


ENGLISH DEBATE TEAM 2014 flyer (logo)


The benefits of participating in debate are countless. Here are some:

Argue your opinion with facts

Think critically 

Understand better the world and society         

Organize and present your ideas

Speak confidently to an audience

Listen, Analyze and Find flaws in others´ opinions

Improve your English communication skills


Time and place of Debate Team practices:

  • To Be Announced depending on student and teacher availability.  Please contact the English Department for further information.

Competitions confirmed for this year:

Andres Bello Interescolares English Debate

English Speaking Union Debate

ABSCH English Debate

Mackay Interhouse Debate


UNAB Interescolares Bases

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