A showcase of The Mackay School students' talents

Mackay 8th Grade Basketball

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Congratulations to all who participated in the Basketball Tournament at Capellan Pascal!  The boys have been practicing all year and finally had the chance to put their skills to the test.  They played two games – the first game was a hard fought loss to the home team Capellan (Mackay actually outscored them in the second half!), and the second game Mackay picked up their first ever win in a very close back and forth match versus Ruben Castro.

Considering these boys had never practiced basketball prior to this year, their tournament result was a success.  And with only a month and a half left before school´s out for summer vacations, Mackay hopes to have at least one more friendly match versus any of the schools in the region who play basketball.

Coaches Samuel Carey, Emmanuel Gutiérrez and Enzo Siviero just want to say, ¨Nice work boys in achieving your first ever win in your first ever season of basketball!¨  The players in the tournament were Matias Solar, Victor Capetillo, Simon Fernandez, Benjamin Caceres, Ignacio Caceres, Sebastián Covarrubias, Piero Leverone, Nicolas Puelma, Agustín Fuentes and Alejandro Larrían.

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