A showcase of The Mackay School students' talents

General Knowledge Competition 2013


Mackay´s anniversary week brought with it the renowned General Knowledge Competition last Thursday.  Put on by members of the English Department along with special guest hosts Alex Trebek and Liz Lemon, the event maintained itself as a true demonstration of applying one´s knowledge in academics bilingually.

Selected members of Mackay, Robertson, Somerscales and Sutherland houses were put to the test of five grueling rounds that had them working together as a team, answering questions amongst fellow classmates and aiming to be the fastest to the buzzer against all other competitors.  Questions came from all departments of the school and topics ranged from algebra to biochemistry to art history, etc. – there was even a question about where our good friend Jack Avison came from!

Competition was extremely tight, and students seemed to know even more answers than the competition organizers had originally thought!  In fact there were very few wrong answers given.  Policing bad behavior in the crowd and cheating quickly became the real challenge for organizers.  And in the end, there was some controversy over rules, points and penalties.

However, the real difference came from the Sutherland house team, who along with a solid contribution from Third Medio student Thomas Reynolds, were able to answer many of the valuable two point Round 5 Open Buzzer Questions.

The final buzzer question was correctly answered by Vicente Severín from 5th grade B Robertson house who knew that it was the young girl´s grandmother who came to her in the form of a vision in Hans Christian Anderson´s classic short story The Little Match Girl.  Unfortunately that was not enough because when all was said and done – and with the added help of points for both cheering and the mascot – the Sutherland house took the win followed by Robertson, Mackay and Somerscales respectively.

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