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Third medio students in ABS Debate

Mackay third medio students Joaquin Rodriguez, Bryan Delgado and Alberto Garcia participated in the Association of British Schools Debate Event, which was hosted by St. Paul´s school and held at Club Español de Reñaca last Friday.

The event gave students an excellent opportunity to practice their critical thinking and public speaking skills as it was non-competitive and students from different schools were arranged into mixed teams and competed against each other.

Teams were made up of six students who had two introduction speakers, three face to face speakers and one summary speaker.  In the morning debate, the motion was ¨Social networks are a threat to identity¨ and in the afternoon, it was ¨Reality shows do not show reality.¨

Although attendance was lower that expected, the event was a huge success.  Students were awarded with the unique experience of working together in small groups, getting to know students from other British Schools and expressing their opinions in a mature and respectful manner.

With the removal of the objective of competing and winning for one’s school, the result was a quality learning experience in sharing opinions, analysing different points of view and thinking critically about complex issues in today’s society. IMG_7970IMG_7972 IMG_7975IMG_7976 IMG_7977IMG_7979 IMG_7980IMG_7981

Debate teachers 2013IMG_7990

fotos debate

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