A showcase of The Mackay School students' talents

Apathosaurus, Triceratops, Pterodactyls and T rex took over the School’s Gym

Last Friday the Art Department and the English Department joined forces once again and presented to the school community the traditional “Dinosaur Museum”.
Giant prehistorical creatures were made from papier machè, glued with masking tape and coloured according to what scientist have established that those dinosaurs looked like.

Apathosaurus, triceratops, pterodactyls and the ever infamous tyrannosaurus rex adorned the school’s gym for a couple of hours, resting on landscapes created by students, parents or whoever wanted to chip in to the project.

Parents, grandparents, siblings, students from other classes and teachers visit the exposition and were amazed how much work The students had invested in this project.

“Unforgettable”, “amazing”, “lots of fun” were concepts the students kept repeating about their experience in all of this. They really loved explaining to others, specially to other parents, or even better, to virtual strangers, what they learnt during the process of investigation they conducted in class. And obviously everything in English!

We even had volcanic explosions in the gym!

All in all, this year’s Dinosaur Museum was a tremendous success! Congratulations to all participants, creators, helpers and teachers who made possible such a great event come out on top once again!

By Ms. Maureen Stead

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  1. Viña del Mar , October 2013
    Dear teachers and 6th graders:
    I want to thank the teachers and the pupils of 6th grade , for the fantastic opportunity they gave me , to learn so much about dinosaurs in such a beautiful presentation, with the landscapes and all those different animals. The most brilliant issue, was the presentation in english of the boys. They took this in a really professional way , and they were so polite.
    Thank you for such a nice afternoon.
    Mercedes Ibaseta de Gil
    ( Ignacio Zapico’s grandmother ).

  2. Mis felicitaciones a todo el grupo de profesores que lograron un resultado espectacular en la presentación de los dinosaurios y el interés de los niños por demostrar sus conocimientos de los dinosaurios en inglés .¡¡¡ Fantástico y que se repita !!!!
    Ximena Gil Ibaseta. ( mamá de Ignacio Zapico ) .

  3. Nuestras más sinceras felicitaciones por el excelente museo montado el viernes pasado.

    Pudimos apreciar la gran dedicación y entusiasmo que le pusieron a todo el
    montaje, pudimos sentir el compromiso y el cariño que le dedicaron.

    Por qué sabemos que lo positivo no siempre es tan reconocido y verbalizado, es por lo cual les queremos dar las gracias y reconocérselos.

    Un gran abrazo a todos.
    Pablo González y María Luisa Acosta
    Papas de Vicente González Acosta
    6 básico A

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