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Big Plans for School Anniversary 2013

Water-color-happy-anniversary-wishesmockingbrids 2

The second week of October will be a memorable one.  This year’s school anniversary will bring all kinds of events, and the English Department will play a large part in the festivities.

Sports Day will be happening in the morning of Wednesday October 9th where house teams will compete in football, athletics, basketball and volleyball.  After lunch, the infamous Interhouse English Debate will be happening in the auditorium and audiovisual room for students from 9th to 12th grades.  The English Department strongly urges students to start organizing their debate teams ASAP!

The following day will be an even bigger day for the English Department as they will be hosting the annual General Knowledge Contest where students from 5th grade to 12th grade will be competing and answering random questions in English and earning points for their house teams.  Later that day there is supposed to be a special musical performance put on by The Mockingbirds!

The Mockingbrids

These are some of the songs that will be presented by this new band

And these are the songs that will be sung by some students and teachers!!!

The final day, Friday October 11th, the English Debate team will be taking part in an ABS Schools Debate event at Saint Paul’s School.

All in all the Anniversary Week is definitely gearing up to be a good week at the Mackay School!

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