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Joaquín Oporto will represent Mackay at ESU Writing Competition National Finals

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Mackay Year 11 student Joaquín Oporto has earned himself a spot in the finals at Chile´s English Speaking Union Writing Competition 2013.  His essay, along with the four other Mackay students´ essays, were sent to the ESU just over a month ago.

The judges must have liked what they saw because Joaquín has since been selected to take part in an individual creative writing session, which will be held on Tuesday September 24th.  During this session, judges will once again evaluate students´ work and decide on a winner, who will be awarded an all-expense paid trip to England!  Finalists from all over the country have been selected on the basis of their essays and have all been invited to take part in the creative writing session, so it should be an amazing experience for Oporto.

The Mackay School English Department would like to congratulate Mr. Oporto for his essay, and we all wish him the best in the Writing Competition finals!


Link to Oporto´s essay on Social Media:  Joaquin Oporto ESU Essay

Link to other students´essays:  https://mackayzine.wordpress.com/2013/08/02/mackay-students-enter-essays-in-esu-writing-contest/

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    Good job! Win us a trophy!!

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