A showcase of The Mackay School students' talents

The Celts

Who were the Celts? In commemoration of the British tradition week at the Mackay school, our 7th graders answered this and other questions about this ancient civilization. In the first reading activity, students learned relevant facts about their history, customs and dress. In the second one, boys solved a questionnaire about the history of “St. Patrick’s day”, as well as the evolution of this tradition until what is known nowadays as one the most popular celebrations in our continent. At the end, students were eager and fast in solving “vocabulary”, “crossword puzzle”, “multiple choice”, “odd one out” and “unscramble the letter” games, which they really enjoyed. The goal of the activity was fulfilled, as we are certain that most of our students learned a little bit more about the Celts and will surely not forget what a “chariot”, “druid” and “hill-fort” is, or who the “brehons” were, or even what relevance “dana” has for the existence of this collapsed civilization.

By Mr. Julio Uribe Ugalde
Y7 English Teacher


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