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Mackay students enter essays in ESU writing contest


Doing more homework than is necessary is usually not something students really want to do!  Nevertheless, five Mackay students wrote 500 – 800 word argumentative essays on a list of given topics, and had them sent to the English Speaking Union in Chile today.  The essays were very well written, and the five students should be commended for doing such a great job.

The top essays in the country will soon be selected, and the selected students will have to participate in another writing challenge.  The winner of that contest will get an all inclusive 2 week trip to England.

Changes of social media   By Martin Whittle

English_Writing_Competition_Essay_Bryan_Delgado_B   By Bryan Delgado

Barriga Essay   By Sebastián Barriga

Joaquin Oporto ESU Essay   By Joaquín Oporto

The process of Fracking Essay   By David Flint

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