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Colegio Cristiano de Quilpué visits the Mackay School


On Tuesday July 23rd a group of 15 high school students from the Colegio Cristiano de Quilpué paid a visit to Mackay in order to find out a little bit about the history, and more specifically, how British immigrants have influenced this school.  According to CCQ´s English teacher Miss Vanessa Fernandez, the main purpose of the visit was for students to gather information about some of the most influential cultures in Chile for an assignment called “semana integrada,” which is an event that happens every year where the entire school participates in workshops around a common theme.  This year’s theme was “Inmigrantes en Chile,” so they were rather interested in our school, which of course, was founded by immigrants.

CCQ students arrived to Mackay at 10:30 in the morning, where they were met by Samuel Carey from English.  After a few quick introductions, everybody went up to the library where they met Jack Avison.  There Mr. Carey and Mr. Avison gave a short speech and a handout on the school´s early days in Valparaíso, as well as some of the present day influences that immigrants (and the overall culture of English speaking countries) have in the school.  Topics on present day influences included the english curriculum, British and American literature,  the I.B. Diploma, english immersion in primary grades, rugby and the ABSCH schools.  One point was even made that Mr. Carey, Mr. Avison and our headmaster Mr. Rosevear, who all work in the school, are in fact all immigrants from the British commonwealth.

After the speech, there was a short tour around the school where students got to see how things generally function in Mackay, and got a further taste of some of the British influences in the school (i.e. music, sports, the clubhouse, the union jack, etc.).

The tour was successful for both parties as students from Quilpué gained an understanding on the British influences in Chile, namely in the creation and function of our school.  And on the other hand, the Mackay School was given the chance to open its doors and share some of its culture and history with students who otherwise may not have known much about it.  In fact, visits such as this could become more commonplace.

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