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Trinity College Diplomas

Last Thursday, on a very cold morning, our 5th graders were awarded their first Trinity College diplomas. In 2012, our young learners worked hard with one important objective in mind: to pass the Trinity College International Examination. When the day arrived, a native examiner came all the way from England in order to carry out an interview with each of our students, who worked really hard during hours and hours of preparation. It was a real struggle and we must say they succeeded. Most of them were awarded levels “Grade 2”, “Grade 2 with merit” and “Grade 2 with distinction”, whereas a few even obtained levels “Grade 3 with merit” and “Grade 3 with distinction”. This is the first English certification our students obtain and we are all very proud of them. In the meantime, we encourage them to keep working so as to be as successful in exams that will come in the future.

Finally, we would like to thank our Headmaster, 5th grade form teachers and English teachers who attended the ceremony and contributed to a magical and memorable moment for our boys.

By Julio Uribe Ugalde, Y5 English Teacher

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