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Mackay School Takes First Place at UNAB Spelling Bee!



The Mackay School was victorious in the Second Annual UNAB Interescolares English Spelling Bee.  Second Medio students Felipe Parada, Francisco Abusleme, Vicente Escobar and Sebastian Correa and First Medio student Kei Sone snatched up first place in Catagory A by accumulating the most points of all the competing schools over the three days of competition.  Each boy was awarded a brand new Samsung Galaxy phone and team captian Mr. Carey won a gift certificate for Antarctica book store.

The event was a lot of fun and allowed Mackay students to show their abilities and mastery of the English language, more specifically in spelling, one of the most difficult and complex parts of the language.

The Spelling Bee was carried out over three dates at the Hotel O’Higgins in Viña del Mar, and schools that competed came from all over the Quinta Region.

The English Department at Mackay will be looking forward to next year’s event where hopefully they will be able to have more students competing, for example a team in Category B (III and IV medio).  The UNAB Interescolares staff is also planning for a bigger and better event next year.

The Mackay School extends its thanks to all those from Andres Bello who helped organize the event.

Stay tuned for a link to the UNAB page covering the event.

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  1. Congratulations!! I’m very proud of your commitment and participation.
    Miss Carla

  2. Fantastic! Well done to everyone involved

  3. Congratulations to all of you and also to your teacher Sam for an excellent preparation. Great news to restart the year after vacations!

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