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Valparaíso Tour 2013

Last Friday, a group of students and teachers went to Valparaíso to visit the grave of the first headmaster of the school, Mr. Peter Mackay, and the buildings where the sons of British immigrants got education, back in the XIX century.

This is the fourth version of  our  tour. In the year 2010, the English Department prepared a documentary to compile the most important features of the history of our school. I invite you to watch this video and learn some interesting things about the past!

Mackay School documentary from thomas mac millan on Vimeo.

This new version of Tour to Valparaíso started going up Subida Cummings to visit Dissidents Cementry where Mr. Mackay and Mr. Sutherland are burried. Mr. Sam Carey and Mr. Jack Avison told the students interesting information about the school’s history for them to complete a handout. We were happily surprised with their commitment to carry out this task!

Video streaming by Ustream

Take a look at our in-field lessons broadcasted with Ustream.net

Video streaming by Ustream

Video streaming by Ustream

After Mr. Somercales house, we had the opportunity to visit the second building where The Mackay School was in the XIX century. This was a boarding school and nowadays it is a cultural center: Balmaceda Arte Joven.

Video streaming by Ustream

We had a relaxed walk down the hill. We had the opportunity  to take some pictures in Paseo Atkinson and enjoy the view over the city. Around midday,  it was time for a traditional lunch, so we went to Mastodonte Restaurant and had very tasty Chorrillanas. In the restaurant, we were even able to check the trivia and see who had learned the most in this Tour. Three students won the awesome prize: Another abundant Chorrillana! Congratulations to Ari, Carlitos and Felipe!

I hope you enjoy the following video with the pics of the tour and, of course, we expect to repeat this experience next year.
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  1. We had a lot of fun with our students from 8th and 1st medio grades on this tour to Valparaíso and most importantly, we all learnt a lot more about the history of our school with on-site examples. Congratulations to everyone for an excellent morning, an excellent lunch and an excellent experience that we hope we will repeat next year.

  2. I am pleased to see everyone taking an interest in the history of the school.
    I went on this visit two years ago and throughly enjoyed it. It looks like lunch was better this year though!

  3. A very successful educational experience outside of the classroom. We should try to do more trips like this! Also, hats off to all the staff who attended. I felt that everyone contributed equally. Go team!

  4. Excellent!!! Gracias a todos los profesores por la hermosa experiencia para nuestros hijos.

  5. Wow!!!!
    What great experience you had.
    I’m really pleased to see how much you have learnt!!!
    Congratulations boys 😊

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