A showcase of The Mackay School students' talents

7th Graders Create Model Towns of Reñaca


The task: Create a miniature version of Reñaca Town Center and explain how to find your way around town.  The idea is to give students the opportunity to practice their English in real life situations, and in this case the situation is giving directions.

Students were very creative in the materials that they used to build their model towns.  With construction paper, cardboard, plasticine and lego students created what you might find in Reñaca such as apartment buildings, local businesses, trees, waterways, the Cathedral, the Fire Hall and the Mackay School.  The results were very impressive!

After completing their model towns, students performed the kinds of typical dialogues you would expect to hear when confused or lost tourists are trying to locate things.  ¨Excuse me, how do I get to the beach?¨ Followed by a simple and direct reply, ¨It´s easy.  You go straight on Borgoño street, then turn left and the beach is right there!¨

7th Grade English teachers Maya Samaha and Christian Vergara were very pleased with students´performance and more specifically being able to provide logical explanations in a real life context.IMG_7150


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