A showcase of The Mackay School students' talents



To acquire a new or second language is to possess a new soul, how many souls are our students willing to possess? These were the closing words for a solemn ceremony which was held last friday to culminate the process for senior students who successfully passed the Trinity examination 2012. A total of 57 students were awarded diplomas for their achievement.

The ceremony started at 09:00 and was opened by Ms. Maureen Stead, English Teacher, with the participation of students, English teachers and our Headmaster, Mr Mark Rosevear. Ms. Carolina Pizarro, English Teacher, started the formal distribuition of diplomas. Group ISE 0 students were then presented with their certificates. As the presentation of diplomas began the audience enjoyed a fantastic violin performance, this time by Cristóbal Consigliere, a skillful Year 9 student who played Concerto in B minor Op 35 by Oscar Rieding.

The ceremony proceeded with Kei Sone, another senior student, giving an extraordinary speech on the importance of having taken the Trinity examinations last year and relevance of consistent and high performance.

Then the ISE I students reached the stage to receive their diplomas and finally the brand new ISE II students were appraised by our Headmaster, who handed them their diplomas .It is worth mentioning the importance of these last four students who for the first time opened the door for future generations to move one step forward and take the challenge of sitting for an ISE II level.

The event was a huge success. Congratulations to all the students and staff for making it happen! Good luck to all for next year.



By Christian Vergara P.

English Teacher

Senior Coordinator

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