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Day of the Languages Brings Back Classic Shakespeare


On Monday April 23rd the Mackay English Department celebrated “Day of the Languages” to commemorate the lives and works of famous literary figures William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes.  In doing so, teachers preformed a short scene from Shakespeare’s classic play Hamlet, which included the characters Hamlet, Queen Gertrude, the late King’s ghost and Ophelia.  Each character recited lines from the original play, as well as lines from an adapted “modern” version.

The short production was performed in several classrooms during afternoon hours and was very well received.  Most students in the audience had few problems understanding the “modern” version, but agreed that the “old English” version was rather difficult to follow.  Even the teachers admitted that memorizing their lines in Shakespearian English was a real challenge, proof of just how much the language has evolved in the past 400 years.


The aim of intervening in the classrooms and performing was to create an awareness in students about the importance of classic literature, and how the work of Shakespeare and Cervantes is still very much relevant today.

The English Department wants to extend a big thanks to all who participated and helped put on the show!DSC06582DSC06588

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