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Debate Team 2013


Have you ever thought about giving speeches?  Are you a critical thinker?  Do you like to express your opinion? If so, then you should consider joining the debate team at Mackay.

This year the debate team will practice on Thursdays at 4:30 p.m.  Regular competitions with great prizes will be held throughout the year, which include the InterEscolares Debate Competition at Andres Bello in May, the A.B.S.C. Debate Competition hosted by St. Paul´s School and the E.S.U. Debate Competition.

Students who practice with the debate team will gain many important skills in areas such as reasearch, summarization, civil discussion and conflict resolution.  They will learn to effectively analyze information, think critically and become more confident speaking in front of a crowd.  Debates will be conducted in English, therefore improving students’ English communication.

Proper debate forces students to approach an issue from different angles and think outside the box in order to resolve it in the best possible way.  Based on constructive disagreement, debate uses the power of words to promote change, as opposed to resorting to violence and force, and it is an essential tool for survival in a rapidly changing world.

By Mr Sam Carey


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  1. I hope I can join again this year once IB tests period is over… Last year Debate Team did great in UNAB Tournament! Keep working equally hard this year!

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