A showcase of The Mackay School students' talents

St Patrick’s Day at Mackay!

In March, everything is green and it’s all fun! On March 17th, we celebrated the Irish holiday St. Patrick’s Day to honour the patron saint of Ireland. There are many traditions and symbols associated with St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland such as the shamrock, the colour green, the good luck of the Irish man, and of course, the LEPRECHAUN.


A leprechaun is a mythical creature from Irish folklore. It looks like a little old man and dresses like a shoemaker with a cocked hat and leather apron. A Leprechaun’s personality is described as aloof and unfriendly. They live alone and pass the time by mending the shoes of Irish fairies and collecting gold coins in a pot of gold.

It is believed that if you listen closely for the sound of their hammer, you might be able to capture one! If you do, you can force him to reveal where his treasure is hidden. Be careful! Don’t take your eyes off him for if you do, he will surely vanish and your hopes of finding his treasure will vanish with him.

5th Graders this year surprised us all by showing us their wicked leprechaun traps, the intricate mechanisms and passages they built to catch these slippery creatures!

By Mr Alfredo Calderón

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